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Jim Moran: DEMO/Music

Performance DEMO

(Various Artists/performed by Jim Moran)
June 6, 2010

Shop Liberty Jingle

(Jim Moran)
October 27, 2013
Yeah, I'm singin' all the parts. I wrote this for the "Shop Liberty" campaign 2013 sponsored by the Liberty Business Association. The basic tracks were recorded at home, and Michael Adams at NOI helped me format the tracks.

A Tour Of Spain Op. 12, #1~6

Malagueña #1

Serenata España


Julio's Guitar

A Walk Through Seville

Malagueña #2

An American Standard: Jazz & Blues Op.13, #1~6

On Easy Street

Homesick Blues

Barefoot Boogie

A Little Piece Of Mind

The Big Apple

Cloak And Dagger

Small Wonders Op.14, #1~12

Lazy Afternoon

Song For Kerry Ann

(Small Wonders)
April 3, 2005
Dedicated to my daughter, Kerry Ann

Small Wonders

Day Dreaming

(Small Wonders)
April 3, 2005

Abby's Great Adventure

(Small Wonders)
April 3, 2005
One of my students, who was intrigued by the personal nature of the titles in this collection, earned her own title.


My Own True Blue


(Small Wonders)
April 3, 2005
For the numerous students who are also avid swimmers.

Half-Pipe Boogie

(Small Wonders)
April 3, 2005
Kick-Flip, Nose-Grab, or whatever to this jammin' track!

Tommy's Trampoline

(Small Wonders)
April 3, 2005
Yes, there really is a Tommy. Just ask my two boys, who've spent countless hours in his backyard!


(Small Wonders)
April 3, 2005
Like a good mystery?
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